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2004-04-06 at 7:38 p.m.
Dear Clare, all about underyourpants.

Watch me write a note to someone in my diary.

Clare, I laughed my ass off at your entry in my guestbook. Seriously laughed out loud! When I see KNICKERS, I see.. like... my grandma's grandma wearing knickers... like.. underwear that are big and fluffy and go to their shins with ruffles on the bottoms!

That reminds me... the other day my mom came over.. she's so skinny, she wears like a girls size 14, or whatever. Sometimes a 1, but mostly the smallest size. So.. she's wearing these lowrise jeans.... and I shit you not, her underwear stuck like 6 inches out the top. (I love you, mom! not dissing you here!) I laughed at her.. and she said she grabbed the wrong package. I've done that, too.

Thong, now.. how ever did they come up with that name? I like a thong, but it has to be made right.. and has to be comfy! No hip digging and they have to be thin in the butt part. You agree, they have to be made right? They have to.... "fit!"

But to see a girl in a thong... not hanging out the back of her pants, but say.. a thong with a tank top or t-shirt. Fucking.. YUM! (cept I don't like those ugly butterfly thong underwear.. they're kinda trashy.. no offense!!)

Okay, how's that for an underwear note?

It was nice talking with you the other day. How did term end go?

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