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2004-01-29 at 10:10 p.m.
Ahh.. This is Minnesota for ya!

So the weather here is really fucking cold. Today the HIGH was -9. As I type, it's -13. Yes. THIRTEEN BELOW ZERO. That's not counting windchill. This morning the bank sign read -25 and that was without windchill. They figured with windchill it was -38.

School was delayed 2 hours this morning so the kids weren't stuck out in the cold weather. Some schools are already delayed for tomorrow. It's been on the news tonight. Tomorrow is actually supposed to be much colder yet.. than today.

The news said the last time it was this cold, it was -19 and that was in 1911 or 1912. Can you believe how cold it is?

The news also showed a woman who believes it's safer to keep schools open in this weather just incase a parent sends their kid outside to wait for the bus then leaves for work or what not and the kiddo is left outside in the frigid cold. That makes sense, but I'll tell you, my eyes would not leave my child until I saw them safely on the bus on a morning like this.

Today when Josh left for afternoon Kindergarten, I sent him out as late as possible and stood and watched for that bus to pick him up so he wasn't waiting any longer than he had to be, but honestly, I wanted to keep him home from this cold. He wanted to go really bad because they had a Friendship Fruit Salad today for snacktime.

School was 2 hours late for Jon, too. I know I typed that already, but who cares. I bet those 2 hours made a huge difference in the temp, even tho it didn't bring it above zero... or even close to it.

If school is not delayed for Jon tomorrow, I'm going to make him stay home and inside until 9 or 10 when I can drive him in myself. This weather is just ridiculous.

Back to the news... there was a story of a 3 year old girl who used a chair to open a door and get outside early this morning. She was barefoot.. and in her underwear only. A neighbor brought her in after the little girl was outside his door. They showed her little bare feetprints in the snow leading in through his patio door. If he hadn't saw her outside, she would be dead right now. What the fuck is up with people? Watch your damn kids. This weather is nothing to fuck with.

Same for pets.. I can't help but imagine the number of animals outside dealing with this cold. Especially people who have "outside dogs." I sure hope those dogs are alive in the morning or people were smart enough to bring them somewhere warm.

Ahh.. This is Minnesota for ya!

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