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2004-07-28 at 8:39 a.m.
It's just that I want her to KNOW how I feel, too.

Gosh, I haven't updated this diary in more days than I can remember. :)

Life is the same.. nothing has changed. I see Carla updated her diary so I chose to update mine just so I can growl at her.

I'm annoyed with her lately cos she hides as INVISIBLE in yahoo. Holy-make-me-want-to-scream! She always has a reason, but that's not necessarily a good thing either... excuses, you know?

Sometimes I question which is more important... her boyfriend of a few months or her best friend of years.. and her hiding in yahoo gives me the answer.. and that makes me.. sad.. mad.. confused, whatever.

Now granted, alot has changed in my life and I'm not on the puter as much, but whenever I am, I go looking for her. When I couldn't come on for awhile cos I was busy with work, etc, I at least called to make sure everything is okay.

I don't know, maybe.. PROBABLY... I'm looking too far into things to have the right to comment on it, but.. oh well.

This entry isn't to start a fight, cos that's absolutely the LAST thing I want to do. It's just that I want her to KNOW how I feel, too.


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