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2004-01-05 at 7:55 a.m.
just the dumbest fucks I've ever met.

Ugh. I sent my kids to their dads this weekend so they could go skiing with him. I made sure to tell them and their father that everything they brought with needed to come home.

Josh didn't bring his snowpants home.

Jon didn't bring his mittens home.

Josh only brought ONE mitten home.

What in the fuck?

Does Chris think I told him we needed it all back to be funny? They each only have one pair of warm enough mittens right now. And what the fuck? Josh is gonna freeze without his snowpants.

I hate men... and this one is just the dumbest fuck I've ever met.

The baby in my belly has the hiccups right now. He gets them every morning. It's actually cute.

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