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2004-04-27 at 9:28 p.m.
You, Mom!

My kids like to play "I Spy" while we're in the car. Tonight I was driving home from Albertville with Josh. Here's the conversation:

Josh: Wanna play I Spy?

Mom: No, Josh. I don't want to play I Spy.

Josh: Why not, mom?

Mom: Cos you cheat, Josh.

Josh: I wont cheat mom, I promise.

Mom: One time Josh. I mean it:

Josh: Okay! I'm thinking.

Mom: Okay.

Josh: I Spy something beautiful!

Mom: Hmm.... The trees?

Josh: Nope *cute chuckle*

Mom: The stars?

Josh: Nope, not the stars.

Mom: I give up!

Josh: You, Mom!

*Sigh..* I love my kiddos.

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